19 Century Fart Jokes

Herbert and Mary Knapp noted that, while folklorists have generally chosen to ignore “fartlore,” it seems very unlikely that kids haven’t been making fun of farts for a very long time. Heck, there are fart jokes in The Canterbury Tales , and some say that the oldest recorded joke is Something that has not happened since time out of mind: a young wife did not fart in her husband’s lap.

In 1889, Scottish Reverernd Walter Gregor wrote up a collection of counting out rhymes, and just happened to include one that wa probably not used as rhyme to determine who was it so much as to determine who had farted:

I think, I think,
I fin’ a stink,
it’s comin’ from Y-O-U!

Gregor noted that whoever was pointed at with the “U” was “beaten with bonnets” until he or she cried out the word “peas!”

It’s easy enough to connect this to any number of modern counting out rhymes, most notably “Inka Binka” and “Skunk in the Barnyard.”

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  1. Yolanda Moses


  2. Mike Hoy

    1.)whoever smelt it delt it
    2.)whoever rhymed it crimed it
    3.)whoever did the riddle did the fiddle
    4.)whoever rapped it crapped it

    hahahahaha lol i like the last one better

  3. Jerri

    The fox is the finder
    The stink lays behind her.
    -Mid nineties, Kansas from family members.


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