Another “finding a bathroom” song

Similar to How Dry I Am and others of the genre, in the 1970s Iona Opie collected this parody of “Country Gardens.” I’ve never heard the original:

What do you do when you can’t find a loo
in an English country garden
pull down your pants, and suffocate the ants
in an English country garden

Anyone hear this outside the UK in the 70s?

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  1. coreyj

    We had the same song in Australia in the early to mid 80s except it went:

    What do you do, when you need a poo,
    In an English country garden?
    Pull down your pants and fertilise the plants,
    In an English country garden.

  2. Boo

    What do you do if you really have to poo?
    Don’t just sit there and write haikus
    Pull down your pants, and poop on the plants
    And TP the house and owl city


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