God Bless My Underwear

Going around (in various forms) since at least the early 1970s:

God bless my underwear
my very last pair
stand beside them, and guide them
so they don’t rip or tear
From the washer, to the dryer
to the dresser back to me
God bless my underwear
my only pair!

Tons of variations go around – I suspect that it goes back to around the time of World War 2, when Kate Smith was singing “God Bless America” to sell war bonds so often on the radio that Woody Guthrie got fed up and wrote “This Land Is Your Land” as a response.

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  1. Anonymous

    God bless my underwear
    They're the only pair I have
    Stand beside them
    And guide them
    From the washer
    To the wringer (alternatively "to the dryer")
    Back to me

    Sacramento area, 1990s. I'm amazed I learned the version with "wringer" as it was so outdated I didn't really know what that was at the time!

  2. Dana E

    God bless my underwear
    My only pair
    I adore them
    And I tore them
    On the seat of an old rocking chair


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