I Come From ______ So Pity Me

I come from (camp name here) so pity me
there’s not a boy in the vicinity
and every night at nine they lock the door
I don’t know why the hell I ever came before
I’m gonna pack my bags and call my mom
I’m gonna turn this camp all upside down
I’m gonna smoke and drink and cuss like hell (the hell I will!)
to hell with this whole damn camp (I really mean it!)
to hell with this whole damn camp (and I’ll repeat it!)
to hell with this whole damn camp!

Variations of this have gone around since the 1960s, at least, and possibly further (I suspect we could probably connect it to an old army song if we dug hard enough – it has that “army song” vibe.). Camps were a much bigger deal in the 1950s and 60s than they are now. I never went, and I don’t think I know anyone who did, really – at least, not to a camp like the ones in all of the movies. But a friend of mine who went to camp in the late 50s and early 60s says that one thing that you never hear about the Vietnam protests is that, among other things, they functioned as camp reunions.

Anyway, this song was easily adaptable for moving from camp to camp, town to town, and school to school. the best known version of this may be the one that Bill Murray lead some counselors-in-training in singing in Meatballs in the late 1970s:

We are C.I.T.s so pity us
the kids are brats, the food is hideous!
We’re gonna smoke and drink and fool around (we’re nookie-bound!)
we’re the North Star C.I.T.s!

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  1. Karen

    TAC (Teen Age Camp), somewhere in Pennsylvania, near the Delaware Water Gap, early 1970s:

    I come from TAC so pity me
    There's not a boy in the vicinity
    And every night at 9 they lock the doors
    I don't know why the hell I ever came before.
    I'm gonna pack my bags and homeward bound
    I'm gonna burn this camp down to the ground
    I'm gonna smoke and drink
    And neck and neck and what the heck
    To hell with TAC!

  2. Robert Drew

    Silbert's Day Camp, Monticello, NY, Summer 1971 — "I come from Silbert's camp so pity me …" — otherwise same as above with minor differences in wording :)

  3. Unknown

    Silbert's Day Camp, Kiamesha Lake, NY 1971 :)


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