Milk, Milk, Lemonade…

Point to one’s chest, groin, then butt:

Milk, milk, lemonade
round the corner fudge is made!

This one goes back a while – at least 1958, probably well before – and even showed up once (without the hand motions) on Pee Wee’s Playhouse when Pee Wee bought two bottles of milk and a bottle of lemonade at the grocery store.

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  1. Anonymous

    milk, milk, lemonde
    round the corner chocolate cake

    Newcastle, UK

  2. Anonymous

    Two longer versions I remember (suburban Philadelphia, late 60s/early 70s):

    Milk, milk, lemonade
    round the corner fudge is made!
    Stick your finger in the hole
    Out comes a chocolate Tootsie Roll

    Milk, milk, lemonade
    round the corner fudge is made!
    Push the button, pull the chain
    Out comes a chocolate choo-choo train

  3. Anonymous

    Los Angeles 1964 (the second verse of the version given above, with push the button pull the chain, first verse I never heard)

  4. socorro

    Ithaca, NY late 60s — just the classic two-liner.

  5. Lance31359

    Los Angeles, early 60's, the four liner with 'push the button, pull the chain' – although I thought it was a three liner without the 'round the corner fudge is made' line. Seems kind of redundant with both the fudge and the chocolate train.

  6. wigoda

    I heard this in the mid-fifties in Chicago.

  7. Anonymous

    I heard this as ‘Tea, tea, lemonade’… possibly derived from teat, since it doesn’t make much sense otherwise. Heard it both as a two-liner, and the longer Tootsie Roll version above.

    -Newport, RI, mid-80’s.

  8. John

    This was still circulating in the Philly suburbs in the 1980s — the Tootsie Roll version.

  9. Alpha Skua

    Chocolate Cake and Lemon Aid,How can i still pursude,so take is faster just take it please.I dont care for Limburgh Cheese

  10. Vincent Sartain

    The version I learned in grade school:

    Milk, milk, lemonade;
    Around the corner, fudge is made!
    Stick your finger in the hole,
    And pull on out a Tootsie Roll!

  11. John Galt

    Williamsburg, VA mid 60s


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