My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean parodies

“My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean” has inspired a whole slew of parodies over the years – the most common seem to involve tuberculosis:

My bonnie has tuberculosis
my bonnie has only one lung
she coughs up some bloody corruption
and rolls it around on her tongue

Variations of this sometimes change the last line to She dries it and chews it for gum.”. This goes back to at least the 1940s.

Another from at least the mid 50s:

last night as I lay on my pillow
last night as I lay on my bed
I stuck my feet out of the window
when I woke up, the neighbors were dead

Other versions, naturally, focus on sex, like this one recorded by Bronner:

My mommy lies over the ocean
my daddy lies over the sea
my daddy lies over my mommy
and that’s how they got little me

I’ve also heard:
My mommy makes counterfeit whiskey
my daddy makes counterfeit gin
my sister makes love for ten dollars
my god how the money rolls in!

Sherman records the following from a source who learned it at Baptist camp in Idaho, 1978:

My Bonny lies over the gas tank
the contents she wanted to see
I lighted a match to assist her
oh bring back my bonny to me!

See also: Did You Ever See Sally Make Water, which isn’t listed as a parody in the books, but I think it may have been.

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  1. Anonymous

    A slight variation on one of the above which was heard in the 50s in PA

    My Bonnie leaned over the gas tank,
    The height of it's contents to see
    She lit a small match to assist her,
    Oh bring back my Bonnie to me

  2. Anonymous

    I heard the Bronner version on Long Island in the mid 1970's

  3. Milhouse

    Australia, mid-'70s, but from an American kid:
    My waiter went into the kitchen,
    my waiter went into the kitch
    my waiter went into the kitchen
    oh where is that son of a
    bring back, bring back,
    bring back my waiter to me, to me
    bring back, bring back,
    bring back my waiter to me, to me.


    Oscar Brand recorded a number of verses under the title "My God How The Money Rolls In," which includes the verse above, and my favorite:
    "My brother's a poor missionary
    He saves fallen from sin
    He'll save you a blonde for five dollars
    My God " etc.

  5. InvaderYoukoChan

    My bonnie has tuberculosis
    My bonnie has only one lung
    She coughs up some bloody corruption
    And rolls it around on her tongue
    And now she’s chewing it like gum
    And now she’s serving it in a binto box
    And I just swallowed my cigarette
    And now I have chicken pox!

    (Japan, late 90s)


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