Oscar Meyer Wiener

Few commercials inspired quite as many parodies (among those that survive) as The Oscar Meyer song. Many of these are just atrocious; in many books, the contributors ask the author to include a not apologizing for it and explaining that they most emphatically do not approve of the sentiment now that they’re old enough to know better.

One collected from “Kreme” by Kay Shapero:

Oh my President has a first name
it’s j-i-m-m-y
oh my President has a second name
it’s c-a-r-t-e-r
I like to ???? everyday
and if you ask me why I’ll say
‘cuz jimmy carter has a way
of ****ing up the USA

This one has probably survived with different politicians added in (you’ll notice that JIMMY and CARTER don’t scan to OSCAR and MEYER exactly – you don’t have to fit the meter to be in this song).

Another, equally bad, collected by Sherman from a rather ashamed person who collected in Westchester (where, he wished to add, he and his friends may not have ever actually SEEN a real, live black person):

I wish I was an Alabama trooper
that is what I’d truly like to be
cause if I was an Alabama trooper
then I could shoot _______s legally

Perhaps the simplest version appeared in the book “Upchuck Summer” by Joel Schwartz: I wish I had an Oscar Meyer wiener…

Other versions? Comment!

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  1. Cathy

    We sang it….
    My president has a first name, it’s J-I-M-M-Y.
    My president has a second name, it’s C-A-R-T-E-R.
    Ooh, I HATE to see him every day,
    and if you ask me why I’ll say…..
    That Jimmy Carter has a way of messing (or F***ing) up the USA!

  2. Tim

    During the 1976 election, there was also:

    My president has a first name, its J-E-R-R-Y
    My president has a second name its F-O-R-D
    I love to see him every day and if you ask me while I’ll say…
    ‘Cause Jerry Ford has a way of fixing up the USA.

    Not a song, but I also remember:

    My name is Jimmy Carter
    I always tell the truth
    ’cause every time I tell a lie
    I grow another tooth.

    Of course, I lived in a area where its likely most parents were Ford supports.


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