“Plug It In, Plug It In”

There was a girl who went to singing class, where she learned to say “mi mi mi mi mi!” Then she went to a restaurant, where she learned to say “forks and knives, forks and knives!” Then she watched a Glade commercial, so she learned to say “plug it in, plug it in!”

Then she went home and her mom was dead and the police were there. THey said “Who did this?” She said “mi mi mi mi mi!” “What did you do it with?” “Forks and knives! Forks and knives!” “You’re going to get the chair!” “Plug it in, plug it in!”

There are a TON of variations on that kids add to keep it up to date – I don’t think kids still hear “plug it in, plug it in” much (or is that jingle still in use?), but the joke survives in this form. I heard it like that from Turner Miller of Des Moines last summer, then heard it from my six year old, stepson, who said the girl in the song heard “plug it in, plug it in” at “electricity class.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Ha heard it yesterday at work

  2. Anonymous

    I heard it from my friend at lunch.

  3. Anonymous

    Yay des moines :) I haven't heard this joke since I was in elementary school

  4. Anonymous

    The version I knew was about a foreign man (country unspecified) who comes to America to learn English and get a job.
    Gets a job at an opera — "mi mi mi mi mi"
    Gets a job at a restaurant — "fork and knife, fork and knife"
    Gets a job at a candy store — "goody goody gumdrops, goody goody gumdrops"
    It's a random person who gets killed outside the candy store, and the policeman's last line is "You're going to jail." ("Goody goody gumdrops, goody goody gumdrops!")

  5. Swirl-Girl

    I heard this with three identical aliens. One only knew the word "Me" The other knew only "Forks and Knives, Forks and Knives" and the last one knew "Yes, Yes, Yes!"
    They came off the ship and found a dead body, the first one hung around as the others explored. An officer came by "Who did this?" "Me! Me me!" Then the officer said "Stay here!" And walked away to make a call. The alien left and the second one came by. "How'd you do it?" The alien said, "Forks and Knives! Forks and Knives!" Thwe officer replied "Forks and knives! I'll have to call in more forces then!" So the officer walked away to make another phone call. The last alien came by and the other left. The officer came back and said, "You're going to the big house!" "Yes, yes yes!"


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