Take Me Out to the Graveyard

Take me out to the graveyard
take me out to the graves
buy me a bottle of turpentine
I don’t care if I meet frankenstein
for it’s root root root for the werewolves
if they don’t win it’s a shame
for it’s EAT! DRINK! BARF in the sink
at the ol’ grave yard!

I heard this circa 1988. Other variations go around, such as:

Take me out to the graveyard
Take me out to the dead
Buy me spiders and sauerkraut
We’ll have such fun that we’ll never come out

(collected from Ziza via Kay Shapero

I’m pretty sure “eat, drink, barf in the sink” must have been strictly a local thing; the phrase doesn’t really come up on google.

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  1. Sara Lisa

    Something interesting Funny Hindi Jokes

  2. InvaderYoukoChan

    2000, Japanese school in Shinagawa but we all knew who Barney was because one of my English teachers tried to show a video of him about English in the class.

    Take me out to the graveyard
    Take me to see Barney dead
    Give me a shotgun and lots of lead
    I want to blow up the purple dino’s head
    Let Barney explode with a ドッカン (dokkan = kaboom)
    And then we can throw a party
    As it’s 一二三四五 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    Then Barney’s dead!

    We sometimes used our native words even when speaking English.


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