The Dolly Parton calculator joke

This seems to be widespread, but everyone has a different idea of the narrative. It was a joke performed on a calculator. The narrative I first heard went as follows:

“Dolly Parton wears bra size 69 (type 69 into the calculator). That’s too, too, too big. (type 2 2 2). The doctor gives her fifty-one pills (type 51) to take for 8 days (type x 8). And she ends up….”

The answer is 55378008. Turn it upside-down and it says “BOOBLESS.”

The narrative varied even in my school. The kid who taught me the Diarrhea song opened it with “Dolly Parton’s boobs weigh 59 pounds…” The girls in my 6th grade had a version where the multiplication key stood for “Dr. X.”

From what I can tell on Google, it looks like this was going around by 1984. Not sure how much further back it could go – it probably started among engineering students in college who had calculators before other people did.

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  1. CQuinn

    I love this but can never remember it. Now this will forever be my reference!

  2. Anonymous

    69 not 59

  3. Anonymous

    i hav e a large knob

  4. Anonymous

    Ive heard a version where she complains of a boob problem, and a doctor tells her to take pills. She takes too much and ends up boobless 😀 I never did remember how exactly the story went.

    (Toronto, Ontario, 2006 ish)

  5. Anonymous

    There was this one that it was sally had to many boobs things and then i forget the rest :3

    1. Martha

      Same! But mine was referring to Sally Acorn from the Sonic series.

  6. Anonymous

    Try it on an iPhone calculator and see what happens! 😉

  7. oliviapinky

    the one that we still do at school is, lady gaga had 59 boobs. that was 222 many. so she went to 51 street to see doctor X. he 8 all her boobs, which left her…

  8. Anonymous

    The version I have always heard goes as follows:
    Brittany Spears Weiss 69 pounds, that's just 222 much. So she went to 51st street to see dr X who have her 8 pills and that made her BOOBLESS
    (6922251 X 8 = 55378008)

  9. Anon

    We had this one.

    What do you get when you take 1 16 year old girl and 69 her with 3 guys?

    Calculator operation is like this

    11669 * 3 =


    Answer: Loose

  10. mizturyous

    I had always heard it as:
    Dolly Partons Dr told he she needed to lose 69 lbs, she weighed 222, he gave her 51 pills and told her to come back in 8 weeks. What was she when she came back? BOOBLESS.

  11. David

    This is the true version (learned it in 5th grade 1985)
    Dolly Parton went to the Dr. and the Dr. told her her boobs were 69 inches long, and that was 222 big so he gave her 51 different exercises to do 8 times per day which left her BOOBLESS.

  12. Mari

    Circa 1995 in North Alabama USA we had:

    There once was a woman who was 69. She was 2-2-2 fat! She called 5 doctors, but only 1 would treat her. His name was Dr. X. He did 8 operations and she came out BOOBLESS

  13. Kerri Mae Kellett

    In the early 90's in Minnesota the version I was taught was…. Dolly Parton's boobs weigh 69 lbs. which is 222 much! She drove 51 miles to see Dr. X had 8 operations which left her BOOBLESS!

  14. Chris

    Central Florida checking in (learned in 2nd grade)

    Dolly Partons boons weigh 69 pounds. Some people say that is 222 much. So she went to 5 doctors and 1 said, take this pill 8 times a day (x8) and you’ll be 8008135.

    I came here for the numbers, but remember the story as if it were yesterday…

  15. Munkee

    Dolly Partions boobs weighed 69 pounds and that was just 222 much so she bought a prescription for 51 pills and that left her… Boobless.

    Equation = 6922251 X 8 = 55378008. Turn the calculator upside down and you get boobless.

    1. Munkee

      Sorry need to add that she bought 8 packs…

  16. Dood

    There was a girl who was 13, she was a size 84 in a bra but wanted to be a size 45, she went to the doctor and he said take these pills 2x a day but she took them 4 time and ended up…


  17. dreded

    Ours in Langley BC, Canada in early 90s was madonna had 69 boobs that was 2-2-2 many so she went to 51 street to see Dr X and had 8 operations… now she is…


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