“What Does ____ Mean” jokes

I remember several variations of jokes like this, and I’ve heard more of them from kids lately. Then as now, they’re mostly just an excuse to swear:

A kid asked his mom “what does b—h mean?” And she didn’t want him to know, so she said “it’s a nice thing to call someone.” Then he asked his brother “what does s–t” mean? His brother said “That’s what I call the food around here.” Then he asked his dad “what does f–k’ mean? And his dad said “that means ‘changing clothes.'” The next night the minister came over for dinner, and the kid said “hi, b—h! The s–t’s on the table, and Mom and Dad are upstairs f–king!

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  1. Single Dad

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  2. Anonymous

    hi bitch the shits on the table and mom and dad are up in the basement fucking

  3. Anonymous

    The version I heard growing up in Columbus, OH in the early 1990's goes like this (sorry if this version may have been posted elsewhere on the site):

    Around Thanksgiving a family was preparing for the arrival of their extended relatives. The youngest son wandered around the house seeing what everyone else was doing.

    As he walked past his sister's bedroom he overheard her say "bitches and bastards" while talking to friends on the phone. He asked her what does "bitches and bastards mean?" She replied, "It means aunts and uncles."

    Walking past his brother's room he overheard his brother mention the word "condoms." He asked his brother the meaning of this word. "It means jackets," his brother replied.

    As he passed the bathroom, his father exclaimed "Shit!" as he nicked himself with the razor while shaving. "What does shit mean?" asked the child. "It means shave," his father said, a little embarrassed.

    Upon entering the kitchen he saw his mother opening the oven to check on the turkey, and as she did so she burned her hand. "Fuck!" she cried. "What does fuck mean?" asked her son. "Uh, it means baste" she stammered.

    Soon thereafter the doorbell rang. "I'll get it," said the youngest son. As he opened the door he saw it was his elderly great aunts and their husbands. Smiling, he greeted them:

    "Hello, bitches and bastards! Let me take your condoms. Come on in, Dad's in the bathroom shitting and Mom's in the kitchen, fucking the turkey."


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