Are You P.T.?

One of those trick questions that you had to learn a clever response to:

Are You P.T.?

The questioner would refuse to say what P.T. meant – a yes or no answer was required. If you said “Yes,” they would then inform you that P.T. meant “pregnant teacher.” If you said “no,” it meant “potty trained.” The best trick in my day was to answer by saying “Yes, I’m potty trained, but I’m not a pregnant teacher.” The person trying to play the trick seldom found this amusing.

Anyway, this hit my school in Iowa around 1990. In the next week or so I’ll post some similar “trick questions” that went around. I’ll probably lump several into one post.

Starting a whole new label for this – “tricks.” I’ll now go through and apply it to a few other posts.

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  1. fynixsoul

    I had this growing up too–except it was T.P instead of P.T., and it stood for either toilet paper or teen pregnancy. I remember everyone in my elementary school quickly adopted the same solution you found.

  2. Matt

    I remember this. P.T. stood for Potty trained, or pregnant teenager. Was said often by my elementary school classmates in Maryland around 1998

  3. Mike

    All these years, and after my mind finally reconnecting to an old memory pathway, I now finally figured out why I am so screwed up.

    I would get asked this on the bus as a very young 5 year old. It didn’t matter what I answered, they’d always laugh at me and at the time it hurt a lot. Being so young I didn’t understand, and since my parents were useless as people I could confide in (always arguing) I had no way of figuring out what this was or how to deal with it appropriately. Certainly didn’t know about pregnant teens or teachers either.

    This led me to shutdown against people I didn’t trust, which was basically everyone on that bus and at school, resulting in me being standoffish. I marked everyone that tired talking to me, anyone I didn’t trust, as untrustworthy unless they proved themselves first! And to do that was almost impossible, almost like pressing F2 to continue booting a computer after getting a keyboard disconnect error mid-boot.

    Well, that and maybe being raped at the time by the neighbor girl didn’t help either I’m sure, but that’s life. At least I now have a starting point to try to fix this trust issue I have, so thanks for having this page here.

  4. Cadence

    PT stood for potty trained if they said no or a poopy toilet if they said yes.


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